Zappos NCAA

All Star Experience


Zappos asked Juice if we could help them with an event activation. Zappos was a main sponsor for the NCAA Women’s Basketball All Star Game and they wanted to create an experience for the players and coaches. Zappos, representing several of their shoe brands, were going to gift each player and coach a few pairs of shoes, but wanted to do it in a way that celebrated the accomplishment of the attendees, while also highlighting each shoe brand.


Juice pitched the idea to Zappos that we would turn the alotted hotel ballroom into a ‘Night of the Stars’ experience, with a long blue carpet that would guide the players/coaches through four different ‘zones’ that represented each brand. Each zone would be themed for the brand and the experience, whether it be an ‘Instagrammable’ moment, or a service offered to the attendees. Each shoe brand would be highlighted in each zone and Juice would provide the entire event as a turnkey project.


The final production included the Zappos blue carpet and step and repeat wall, glowing pillars for each ‘gift’ shoe/brand, and four separate experiential zones:

Zones included massage/nail technicians, a DJ, a Bartender, and a photographer.  

Players and coaches could spend time in each zone, taking a throne photo, having a mocktail, listening to the DJ, getting nails done, or tuning out the world and relaxing, while also trying on the shoes of their choice. The entire activation was successful in making the players and coaches feel spoiled, representing Zappos and each shoe Brand, while also providing an oasis for the attendees to escape the hustle and bustle of the weekend.